Well this was the game, which was mind boggling - get beat and Moffat may resign or get sacked or go through to the next round of the Scottish Cup and get beat anyway, I couldn't make up my mind!

The TV cameras had turned up to F2F Bayview but there was no surprises that it wasn't facing the stand. The game also saw the return of ex Fifer Murray Hunter (how we miss him!) and also Johnny Mitchell and Greig McDonald.

The first shot of the game came from Whitehill when Raymond Shanks intercepted the ball and made the counter attack but luckily enough he blasted it wide.

The first real chance of the game came from a corner which was knocked out and landed at the feet of Greig McDonald but he hit it straight at Goalkeeper Ryan McGurk.

The game livened up on the 13th Minute when a defensive error by centre back and assistant manager Kevin Bain gave a chance to Kenny Young but he squandered the chance by miss hitting the volley completely. Also the younger fans in the crowd were frustrated after branding the referee a "Fucking Wanker"!

Greig McDonald had another chance in the 16th minute which he fired over the bar. But the game got even better when a flock of seagulls went by (real birds, there wasn't a reformation of the 80s band!!!!! Much to Tam's disappointment!).

Another defensive error was made but this time by Welfare's Murray Hunter, who completely miss hit the ball (no surprise there!) which landed to Gary Kelly who hit the shot and it went completely wide. Our left back Fraser Duncan managed to get the ball after the goal kick and played an absolutely abysmal ball in.

The most exciting chance of the first 25 minutes fell to Welfare's Colin McDonald who managed to get the ball after Goalkeeper Scott Morrison dropped it, McDonald collected and blazed the ball over the empty net. Our defence was in shambles as McDonald ran rampant down the right hand side.

On the 32nd minute the ginger winger Kevin Steele intercepted the ball down the left hand side and put a beautiful ball in only for Fraser Duncan to header it over.

The funniest thing in the first half was when there was a "taxi" called for Colin McDonald after being caught off-side he stumbled and fell. Classic.

35mins gone and a goal for East Fife, a free kick after a foul by Hunter on Stevie Nicholas, the ginger winger crossed the ball for Johnny Mitchell to flick it on. 1-0 The Fife.

Two minutes later and a great chance for Whitehill after Young played a slip ball through for McDonald, one on one with Morrison, he went down to collect the ball and McDonald dived dramatically, he was shown the first yellow card of what was soon to be a eventful game. Although McDonald dived, I think he looked a decent player, and I think Moffat should be looking at him again.

The Half time "entertainment" was to be provided by the Young Fifers, the Blacks Versus the Bibs ( I thought this club promoted anti- racism???). The young girl number 2 looked the best player on the park, scoring two good goals, noticing the dodgy goalkeepers mistakes.

The first chance of the 2nd half was to fall to East Fife when James Herkes made an excellent run through and played a slip ball to Mitchell only to be superbly tackled by Kevin Lee. Also Welfare's keeper changed his top at half time, did anyone else notice?

Herkes made a brilliant run down the right hand side and played a beautiful ball in (only time in the match) only for Steele to header over the bar. Herkes was to get the ball again to win a corner, which Steele whipped in only for Kelly to fire over the bar again.

The 61st minute was to see the best move of the game, a 1-2 between James Herkes and Johnny Mitchell only for Herkes to end the move disappointingly putting in a terrible cross which went straight out of the pitch.

East Fife won yet another free kick on the edge of the box which James Herkes hit straight at McGurk.

On the 64th minute Kevin Bain was booked for a challenge on Shanks, the free kick was hit straight at Morrison. The counter attack went forward and East Fife won the corner, the corner whipped in but was to be cleared, the ball landed to Herkes who struck the bar from 25 yards out, a shot that deserved a goal.

69th minute and a goal for East Fife. Stevie Nicholas played a ball through and Johnny Mitchell did the rest, appeals for offside followed, but were ignored by the linesman and referee, two Whitehill players were booked for abusing the linesmen.

The 71st minute saw Brian Fairbairn come on for Kevin Steele who all in all had a poor game.

The 75th minute saw two shots by Welfare in quick succession, Young hit a excellent shot which was superbly saved by Morrison, the corner was put in and landed to the feet of Lee who hit a decent shot which deflected and went out for a corner, which led to nothing.

Brian Fairbairn wins a corner and a cross deflected and went out. He took the corner himself, which was definitely the worst of the game.

The 79th minute saw Murray Hunter substituted for Darren White.

Goal in the 80h minute and a hat trick for Johnny Mitchell who had an excellent game. Stevie Nicholas hit a shot which the keeper saved only for Johnny Mitchell to tap it in, Well done Johnny.

The 83rd minute saw Ritchie Johnston sent off for violent conduct after kicking out at Brian Fairbairn, after Brian had put the ball past him.

The 89th minute saw 2 Whitehill Welfare players arguing between each other. Johnny Mitchell the peace maker.

The last action of the game saw Brian Fairbairn cross the ball in for Stevie Nicholas to put the header narrowly over.

Overall, we definitely deserved to win and despite some flutters before and during the game, we managed to keep our proud record of never having lost a game to a non League team! Let's hope that always continues!!!

C'mon the Fife.

FINAL SCORE: East Fife 3-0 Whitehill Welfare

EAST FIFE: Morrison, Renwick, Duncan, Lumsden, G. McDonald, Bain, Mitchell, Kelly, Nicholas, Steele (Fairbairn 71), Herkes Subs (not used)- Logie, I. McDonald, Brash and Tarditi

ATTENDANCE: 355 (Where are last season's "supporters"?)

AFTN 3-2-1:

No stand out performance but at least some pretty decent ones.

3 points - JOHNNY MITCHELL (had an absolute stormer in his first start of the season, becoming top scorer in the process!)

2 points - JAMES HERKES (tried really hard, sparking most of our best moves)

1 point - GARY KELLY (was unlucky with a few shots and passed the ball well)

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