Away From The Numbers

VIEW FROM THE BAY #4 :   MAY 26TH 2007

- by The Undisputed

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Hi all, and thanks to GoF for doing ‘View #3’ in my absence. Had an amazing break, didn’t ever want it to end, but alas they needed the room, so me and my room-mate Paris had to leave early.


So, have I got news for you? Well, no actually. It’s that desolate time when the old season is done and dusted and the new-season speculation hasn’t yet begun in earnest. We crave some morsel of occurrence to fill the void but there’s none. This is something that only happens in the close-season – actually that’s not true, it was like this right through the Derrick Broon years when the Club were about as forthcoming as the Portuguese Police at a news conference. But fear not. Before the month is out, our national side take to the field again with a warm-up match against Austria then a Euro Qualifier away to the Faroe Islands. So, er, that’s something to look forward to then.


I do like a topical story. This one was topical about thirty years ago. Forgive me though as I was reminded of it just the other day, and it is a classic. The scene was the 1974 World Cup Finals back when West Germany was still West Germany and shorts were still short (unless you were Sepp Maier). During one match, the camera panned to the German bench. There sat the manager of the host nation, arms folded, knees at ten to two, wearing a pair of the said ‘short shorts’ while the commentator in all innocence asked rhetorically and wonderfully, “Is that Helmut Schoen?” !!!

It damn near was as well.


Sky Telly have been loudly informing us all that this month they reach their 1000th live match. They’ve been less vocal however in letting us know whether this includes the Monday Night games that never quite finished due to some bloke in the Far East having the power switched off at half-time.


Well, as we go to print, confirmation is reaching us of East Fife’s pre-season tour for 2007. Early reports have been clarified and we won’t after all be playing games against David Trimble FC and Felicity Kendall. We’re in fact headed for a base in Lancaster from where we’ll play Trimpell FC and Kendal Town. Now, you might imagine Kendal to be a wee town full of places making and selling Mint Cake with very little else going on. Well, I have in fact been there before and…actually, that’s about right. On to Trimpell FC, and according to GoF’s guide, they are based in Morecambe. Some advice for travelling fans regarding this match then. Firstly, residents of the town have long-since ceased to find it amusing when tourists stop them in the street and announce that they’re looking for Eric. Oh yeah, and fans might be advised to take their own food to this one … drum roll … as there’s not as many Chinkies in Morecambe as there used to be (fnarr, fnarr).