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VIEW FROM THE BAY #15 :   JULY 27TH 2007

- by The Undisputed

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Just when you think things are going swimmingly, life has a habit of bringing you back down to Earth. After a series of good results for The Fife in pre-season, and things looking just cushtie, we were reminded on Wednesday that, at a moment’s notice, scary things can happen and all the dreams can come under threat. Yep, on Wednesday, East Fife fans were rudely awakened from their optimism when … Partick Thistle announced that Graham Gibson was now a free agent. Scary indeed!

Oh yeah, and we got gubbed by St Johnstone.


As we reach Issue 15 of ‘View From The Bay’, we’d like to thank fiferjim for recommending us to readers of the ‘Friends From The Wemyss’ site. For the benefit of any of our new readers then who might be coming onto a football forum for the first time, we thought we’d take a moment to explain how they work.

It’s quite simple really. What you do is you get a bit pissed off about something and stick up what seems to you, in your annoyed state, to be a reasonable comment. Someone who doesn’t give two hoots, and is therefore of more sober mind will then reply showing your opinion to be ill thought out and unreasonable, and generally make you look downright silly. Fear not though, cause here’s the master stroke. You then put a post up to the effect of… ‘hah, I knew somebody would bite’, leaving the respondent to reflect on the old adage that you should never argue with a stupid person.


Happened to be out and about in St Andrews the other night when I noticed a group of footballer’s, resplendent in blue training gear, coming along the street towards us. Suddenly remembering who was in town for a training camp, I have to admit to the brief onset of frankly childish excitement. I was quickly left however to ponder that time in the future when I would be able to tell my grandchildren about the night I met the players of, well… Carlisle United actually. Barcelona, you ask? Naewhere to be seen.


Barcelona did surface on Tayside on Thursday night, however, to take on Craig Latrine’s Dundee United. Latrine (from the Latin; smelly and full of shit), said after the match that losing the game at such a late stage was a good sign for his side. Quite right Craig, your team usually loses matches way earlier than that.


This week, East Fife play their final warm-up game against Accrington Stanley. Make sure you bring your sunglasses along. Nah, the weather isn’t going to take a sudden turn for the better, it’s just that Ryan Blackadder’s likely to be wearing his new boots again.

This is the second successive season we’ve played Accrington, and indeed they’ve a long history of playing Scottish clubs. Raking the history books, I’ve found a record as far back as 1871 where apparently Stanley travelled to meet Livingston.