Away From The Numbers

VIEW FROM THE BAY #14 :   JULY 22ND 2007

- by The Undisputed

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It was free-scoring East Fife last midweek as we banged in nine of the best against Whitehill Welfare. Pick of the goals was surely Dougie Cameron’s fantastic chipped effort. For anyone who hasn’t seen Cameron yet just imagine Paul Hampshire wi’ ability (that’s if you can imagine Paul Hampshire wi’ ability).

Whatever the standard of the opposition, it was a great result. There’s a real buzz around Bayview at the minute, and no, it’s not coming from the power station.


The weekend brought the pre-season tour. This year we landed in Morecambe and, well … it was shut. And the bits that weren’t shut were clinging to life less surely than some of the geriatric visitors who hobble from coaches looking to re-create the type of holiday that should really have died out wi’ On The Buses.

The town boasts a statue of one John Eric Bartholomew, who took the name of his home town to become known to us all as Eric Morecambe. This is presumably why the other guy was known as Ernie Wise – because he was the one that took sod all to do with the place.


As the rain lashed down on us at Trimpell, necessitating the conversion of parasols from the pub’s beer garden into makeshift umbrellas, one bright spot in the evening was a linesman – sorry, referee’s assistant - who, alongside his flagwaving duties, also managed to maintain a constant line in banter with the BURGER crew and yet still find time to coach any Trimpell player who happened into his corner of the park. And they say men can’t multi-task.


What goes on tour stays on tour of course, so we won’t be telling any tales out of school. Speaking of schools however, for the benefit of one fan who raised a technical point about the two young lassies selling the raffle tickets at Kendal – I’ve checked for you mate and, nah sorry, it seems it disnae go on the combined age.


So, we have a new sponsor for the SFL. Well done to all involved for getting Barr’s on board, and well done to Queen’s Park for sharing their sponsor with the rest of us. Just a little worried though over what the league’s going to be called. The Barr’s League isn’t too bad, and even the Irn Bru Championship is bareable. But remember, this thing’s likely to be decided in Glasgow so don’t be surprised if we find ourselves playing this season in The ‘Boatil Ay Ginger’ League.