Away From The Numbers

VIEW FROM THE BAY #13 :   JULY 15TH 2007

- by The Undisputed

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Well, we’re a bit later with this issue of ‘View From The Bay’. This is due to the fact that absolutely no sport took place last week. Also, there was no news whatsoever in the world during this time. Oh, apart from one thing – some skinny cow and her dippy husband moved hoose. Yep, the flitting of Pish and Bollocks is the only story this week so let’s cover the interesting parts in detail...

Right, that’s that dealt with.


Despite what the media would have us believe, the world did continue on it’s way last week and, for EF fans, the pre-season kicked off at Lothian Thistle on Saturday. The game provided better preparation than we could have hoped for as the poor fella who cuts the grass there got taken ill, leaving the pitch uncut and therefore a dead ringer for Firs Park or Cliftonhill. Now if only we knew somebody wi’ a grasscutter.

In any case, we seemed to survive this handicap without picking up any injuries, although wee Paul Walker, who came on with 25 minutes to go, never came back off, and is still reported missing.


Last week’s meeting at Bayview was generally hailed as being very positive. Wullie Gray was in good form responding to a discussion on fitness and weight levels by telling the assembled fans, “you don’t have to tell me - I’ve conquered anorexia.” His promise that we’ll win a cup this season and parade it on a bus along Kirkcaldy High Street was also popular with the gathering. Sid Collumbine gave a talk on work going on behind the scenes and future plans for the stadium, John Sharp briefed us on the commercial side, and Dave Marshall gave an update on the new training pitch. Jim Stevenson gave some details about the forthcoming friendlies and Davy Hamilton never said anything. Aye, old habits die hard.


Back to the friendly in Edinburgh, and it was interesting to see East Fife doing that thing that Queen’s Park were doing last season. You know the thing where one guy passes it five yards along the ground to another guy in the same colour jersey then, instead of walking back to the halfway line, makes a run forward (yeah, forward mind you), and then the guy in the same colour jersey passes the ball back to him again, and so it goes on. There’s probably a technical name for it, I dunno, but it wasn’t half confusing the other team so, who knows, there might be even be a future in it.


Reports circulating on Saturday indicate that the authorities, in their infinite wisdom, have appointed one Colin Broon to referee our friendly against St Johnstone next week. East Fife have apparently raised an objection to the appointment which takes irony to a new level as we’ve now got the East Fife Board protesting against a Broon. You can’t make it up, I tell you. What goes around comes around right enough.

Anyway at this stage we’re unable to confirm the rumour that a Henry Gray’s wagon was seen building a big mound of dirt outside the SFA offices while Sid Collumbine tried on a chicken suit nearby.