Away From The Numbers


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Each generation of travelling support have their own stories and characters to talk about. The 70's and 80's had Chink and Drew, the noughties have the likes of the Burger crowd and the all inclusives and in the 90's we had ourselves and this lot!

Meet The Gang Cos The Boys Are Here.....

The buses were run by one of the biggest characters of all - Ian 'Ned' Sharp.

Bus convenor and tour operator extraordinaire.

Or out of the ordinary at any rate.

The Famous Mr Ned!
Not just the East Fife buses, but also Scotland buses - to anywhere you wanted worldwide - well if you were lucky!

There could be dozens of stories about those trips alone!!! Italia 90 anyone?

Where is he now? Down south was the last I heard but if anyone can let us know, then please do.

It was mad times on the buses. A highlight (or lowlight), being the time we took a bale of straw for a trip to Stranraer just to hound our own player for the whole game - Dougie McCracken. The straw naturally got spread all over the bus, we got banned from that company, a reputation amongst other bus carriers making it hard to book any buses and a very pissed of Mr McCracken! Once we'd got to Stranraer we then proceeded to queue up in a local greengrocers to buy two carrots each. Eventually they had to ask us why!

We also got onto TV - and it wasn't on Crimewatch! Onto Soccer AM to be precise - twice! It was in the pre Tim/Andy and Helen days sadly, but AFTN did two 'fancams' of away trips for them. One to Berwick and one to Stranraer. Great fun!

The pictures captured here were when we had one of our bus windows actually blow out on the way home! Ah, happy days and if anyone has any more, send them in.