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There's been too many players who have turned out in the black and gold to list, so here's our next best thing. A pictorial guide to the ever changing East Fife squad. Hover your mouse over the pictures and if we have a full squad line up, you'll find it listed. If anyone knows the full line ups for any of the pics that don't have them (we have many partial line ups sadly) then please get in touch. Also any season line up we don't have would be very welcome.

BACK ROW: D. Ednie (Committee), P. Miller (Com), J. Waddell (Com), A. Brunton (Com); 3RD ROW: J. Mann (Trainer - arm only), J. Adamson (President), H. Allan (Captain), W. Moffat, T. Drummond, D. Melville, J. Lawrie; 2ND ROW: T. Turnbull (Match Sec), R. Smith, J. Jarvie, D. Wilson, W. Wilson, J. Nangle, T.K. Neill (Hon Sec); FRONT ROW: A. McArdle, T. Middlemiss


1907-08 (approx)

BACK ROW: Ross, McLauchlin, Whyteman, Neish, Main, McBride, Stewart; FRONT ROW: Neil, Currie, Moffat, Burton, Wilson, Brown


(in Away strip)

Squad that played Celtic in the Scottish Cup 19/2/21

(v Celtic 19/2/21)

BACK ROW: S Robertson, J Hope, Peter Barrett, Willie Wood, R Peden, J Bruce, J Brown, W Anderson, J Barrie, R Robertson (Trainer); FRONT ROW: James Neish, Phil Weir, J Paterson, Jock Wood (Capt), Adam Mackie, Dave Nairn, H McBride


INSET: Chairman Matthew Taylor; BACK ROW: H McBeth, Tom Mitchell, John Bernard, Phil Weir, Peter Barrett; MIDDLE ROW: R Robertson (Trainer), Alex Duncan, Pat Casciani, Jimmy Gabriel, Joe Gowdy, Colin Brown, Arthur McGauchie, Arthur Mill, Dan Liddle, Dave Nairn, J Miles (Groundsman); FRONT ROW: John Herbert, W Robertson (Secretary), A McCulloch (Director), J Lawrie (Director), William Moscrip (Vice President), W Brown (Director), A Robertson (Director), J Pearson (Director), James Rarity

1929-30 Promotion Winners

BACK ROW: Pat Casciani, John Young, Joe Crozier, David Russell, John Sneddon (Capt), Robert McCartney; FRONT ROW: Tommy Adams, George Scott, Joe Cowan, John Steele, William Downie


BACK ROW: David Russell, Willie Laird, Robert Tait, James Milton, John Harvie, Andrew Herd; FRONT ROW: Tommy Adams, David Miller, Robert McCartney, John Sneddon (Captain), Eddie McLeod, Danny McKerrell

1937-38 Scottish Cup Winners

Thanks to Gordon Anderson for supplying the photo


Johnny Niven, Davie Duncan, J Davidson, Henry Morris, Sammy Stewart, Tommy Adams (aloft), Jimmy Philp, Dougie Davidson, George Aitken

1947 League Cup Winners

BACK ROW: Jimmy Philp, Willie Finlay, George Aitken, Johnny Niven, Willie Laird, Sammy Stewart; FRONT ROW: Tommy Adams, Dougie Davidson, Henry Morris, John Davidson, Davie Duncan


BACK ROW: Don Emery, Sammy Stewart, Johnny Curran, Danny McLennan, Frank Christie, Willie Finlay; FRONT ROW: Jackie Stewart, Charlie Fleming, Jimmy Bonthrone, Ian Gardiner, Andy Matthew


1953 League Cup Winners

1954-55 Reserves


BACK ROW: Wilkie, Sammy Stewart, Ron McCluskey, Fox, Frank Christie, Cox; FRONT ROW: Wright, Wilson, Angus Plumb, Leishman, Matthews



BACK ROW: Charlie McCaig (Manager), Bobby Stirrat, Sammy Stewart, Bobby Gillon, Ron McCluskey, Frank Christie, Jimmy Bryce, Johnny Gear (Trainer); FRONT ROW: Alan Boyd, Alan Ross, Alec Duchart, Felix Reilly, Arthur McIvor


BACK ROW: Johnny Gear (Trainer), Bob Stirrat, George Orphant, Dick Donnelly, Jimmy Walker, Jake Young, Alex Wright, Jimmy Philp, Jimmy Bonthrone (Manager); FRONT ROW: Alec McWatt, George Dewar, George Yardley, Morris Aitken, Ian Stewart





1969-70 Training

BACK ROW: Dave Clarke, Rab Cairns, Walter Borthwick, Dave Gorman, John Martis, Peter McQuade, Jim Finlayson; FRONT ROW: Bertie Miller, Pat Quinn, Joe Hughes, Graham Honeyman, Billy McPhee

1970-71 Promotion Winners

BACK ROW: Pat Quinn (Manager), Tom Braid (Director), Dave Clarke, Walter Borthwick, Graham Honeyman, Dave Gorman, Rab Cairns, Peter McQuade, William Johnstone (Director), Jimmy Drysdale (Director); FRONT ROW: Bertie Miller, Joe Hughes, John Martis (Captain), John Fleming (Chairman), Jim Finlayson, Billy McPhee, John Bernard

Another 1970-71

BACK ROW: I. Auras, J. Bernard, A. Rutherford, A. Henderson, J. Begbie, Trialist; FRONT ROW: A. Smith, T. Boyle, R. Cairns, J. Hughes, Trialist, E. Scott

1972-73 Reserves


BACK ROW: Frank Christie (Manager), Davie Clarke, Jimmy Philp, John Martis, Ernie McGarr, Ron McIvor, Bobby Duncan, Alex Rae, Ian Printy, Tom Clark; FRONT ROW: Andy Bell, Derek O'Connor, Bertie Miller, Kevin Hegarty, Jim Hamilton, Billy McPhee, Johnny Love



BACK ROW: Peter Markie, Bob Morris, Davies, McGregor, Alan Blair, Harry Kinnear, Colin Methven, Ron MacIvor, Andy Milne; FRONT ROW: Kevin Hegarty, Patrick Ward, Duncan Smith, John Huskie, Dave Berry, Alan Dyce


BACK ROW: Ken Mackie, Dave Clarke, Colin Methven, John Lumsden, Dave Gorman, Gillies; FRONT ROW: Rab Cairns, Dave Berry, Quinton Young, Billy Herd, Brown


BACK ROW: Gavin Murray, Steve Kirk, Ken Halley, Gordon Marshall, Jim McLaren, Dave Clarke; FRONT ROW: Brian Jenkins, Tom McCafferty, Graham Hutt, Ian Pryde, Gordon Durie


BACK ROW: Jim McLaren, Stewart Porter, David McCaig, Gordon Marshall, Stuart Burgess, Stevie Kirk, Graham Hutt; MIDDLE ROW: Allan Marshall, David Kirkwood, Graham Dolan, Gavin Murray, Scott Fraser, John Inglis, Alan Fortune, Paul Hunter, Dougie Samuel; FRONT ROW: Danny Hendry (Coach), Mike Marshall (Coach), Hugh Hill, Ian Pryde, Ken Halley, Brian Jenkins, Tom McCafferty, Dave Gorman (Coach), Dave Clarke (Manager)


BACK ROW: Steve Pitman, Gary Burns, Jim McLaren, Gordon Marshall, Ken Halley, Gavin Murray, Hugh Hill, Philip Yates; MIDDLE ROW: Mike Marshall (Assistant Manager), Jim Gray, Paul Hunter, Alan Paxton, Brian McNaughton, Alan Banner, Ken Stead, Raymond Blair, Murdoch MacBeth; FRONT ROW: Alan Blyth (S Form), Dougie Cowans, Danny Hendry (Coach), Tom McCafferty, John Mitchell, John Inglis, Dave Clarke (Manager), Stewart Burgess, Davie Kirkwood, Tom Connor, Dave Gorman (Coach), Dr McCrossan (Club Doctor), Robert Bauld (S Form); MISSING: Graham Hutt and Kenny Raikis


BACK ROW: Steve Pittman, Bruce Deas, Alan Banner, Gordon Smith, Graham Bell; MIDDLE ROW: Alex Carswell (Coach), Gary Burns, Jim McLaren, Fraser Ogston, John Thorpe, John Perry, Raymond Blair, Gavin Murray (Manager); FRONT ROW: Dave Gorman (Coach), Tom McCafferty, John Mitchell, Ken Halley, Brian McNaughton, Rab Cairns (Coach)


BACK ROW: Brian McNaughton, Derek Guilar, Grant Reid, Ray Charles, John Thorpe; MIDDLE ROW: John Porteous (Physio), Rab Cairns (Coach), Gordon Smith, Bruce Deas, Steve Pittman, Fraser Ogston, Graham Bell, Andy Batchelor, Jim McLaren, Steve McIlhone, David Graham, Alex Carswell (Reserve Coach); FRONT ROW: Dave Gorman (Assistant Manager), Graham Hoggarth, Andy Harrow, Grant Fairley, Ken Stead, Paul Hunter, Colin Scott, Billy McPhee, Tom McCafferty, Dougie Hope, Gavin Murray (Manager)


BACK ROW: Stephen Lennox, Carlo Crolla, Alan Banner, Grant Reid, Ray Charles, Andy Harrow, Ally Mitchell; MIDDLE ROW: Robert Bauld, Gilbert Allan, Stephen McIlhone, Neil Collins, Stevie Rogerson, John Sheran, Andrew Bardsley, Billy McPhee, Dougie Hope, Paul Taylor; FRONT ROW: Rab Cairns (Reserve Coach), Dave Gorman (Assistant Manager), Alan McGonigal, Billy Gallacher, Iain Brown, Willie Brown, Paul Hunter, Graham Bell, Bud Porteous (Physio), Gavin Murray (Manager)


BACK ROW: Gary Bryce, Stephen Rogerson, Graham Bell, Jim Moffat, Stephen Prior, Carlo Crolla, Paul Taylor; MIDDLE ROW: Dave Gorman (Coach), Robert Bauld, Ally Mitchell, Paul H Taylor, Steve Lennox, Rowan Hamilton, Billy McPhee, Bud Porteous (Physio); FRONT ROW: Gavin Murray (Manager), Alan Blyth, Benny Andrews, Robert Scott, Willie Brown, Ian Ritchie, Dougie Hope, Iain Brown, Brian Fairley (Coach)


BACK ROW: Gary Hayton, Paul H Taylor, Ian Ritchie, Jim Moffat, Ray Charles, Derek Long, Iain Brown, Benny Andrew; MIDDLE ROW: Gavin Murray (Manager), Steve Lennox, Steve Prior, Carlo Crolla, Steve Rogerson, Tom Spence, Rowan Hamilton, Jim Cowell, Joe McBride, Jim Greenhill (Trainer); FRONT ROW: Dave Gorman (Coach), Dougie Hope, Graham Bell, Stuart Wilson, Willie Brown, Robert Scott, Alan Blyth, John Sludden, Bud Porteous (Physio); Missing: Dave Beaton (Capt)


BACK ROW: Derek Long, Ray Charles, Jim Moffat, Dave Beaton; MIDDLE ROW: Tom Spence, Dougie McCracken, Graham Bell, Willie Burns, Paul Taylor, Willie Brown, Phil Smith, Stuart Burgess, Robert Skelligan; FRONT ROW: David Elliott, Gilbert Allan, John Sludden, Gavin Murray (Manager), Iain Ritchie, Alan Blyth, Joe McBride


BACK ROW: Raymond Logan, Willie Burns, Andy Williamson, Paul H Taylor, Derek Long; MIDDLE ROW: Jason Davie, Dougie Barron, Mark Hutton, Gilbert Allan, Ewan Wilson, Benny Andrew, Stuart Beedie; FRONT ROW: Dave Gorman (Coach), Dougie Hope, Robert Scott, Alex Totten (Manager), David Elliott, Joe McBride, Kenny Thomson (Assistant Manager), R Pender (Physio)


BACK ROW: Dougie Hope, Paul Hunter, Gilbert Allan, Ewan Wilson, Andy Williamson, Graham Bell, Robert Scott, Kevin Pettigrew, Colin Dow, Ray Charles; FRONT ROW: Willie Burns, Richard Gibb, Alan Sneddon, Ronnie Hildersley, Dougie Barron, John Cusick


1994-95 Formal!

BACK ROW: Paul Strange (S form), John Cusick, Steve Hutcheon, Les Dalglish (Trialist), Derek Long, Paul Hunter, John Lavery (Trialist); MIDDLE ROW: Gordon Rae (Reserve Coach), Kenny Balmain, Philip Gartshore, Dougie Hope, Dean Robertson, Alex Hamill, Benny Andrew, John McStay, Alex McQueen (Physio); FRONT ROW: Gilbert Allan, Darren McLeod, Ronnie Hildersley, Steve Archibald (Player Manager), Alan Sneddon (Assistant Manager), Robert Scott, David Struthers, Willie Burns

1995-96 Promotion Winners

1995-96 Promotion Winning Day

BACK ROW: Paul Ferguson, Mark Dunnett, Phil Gartshore, Andy Kinnell, Stephan Winiarski, Grant McPherson, Gavin Lewis; MIDDLE ROW: Gordon Rae (Coach), Dougie Hope, David Henderson, Steve Hutcheon, Derek Long, Dean Robertson, Dave Beaton, Arnold Dwarika, Mark Donaghy, Ronnie Hildersley, Alan Sneddon (Assistant Manager), Alex McQueen (Physio); FRONT ROW: Alan Dixon, Gilbert Allan, Richard Gibb, John Cusick, Steve Archibald (Manager), John McStay, Robert Scott, Benny Andrew, Darren McLeod


BACK ROW: John Cusick, Alan Dixon, Kenny Gillies, Robert Ryan, Gilbert Allan, Graham Nicol; MIDDLE ROW: Donald Park (Coach), Innes Ritchie, George Johnston, Willie McCulloch, Paul Ronald, Colin McFarlane, Alex McQueen (Physio); FRONT ROW: Jimmy Bone (Manager), Barrie Moffatt, Matt Dyer, Grant McPherson, Richard Gibb, Mark Donaghy, Pat McAuley (Assistant Manager)


BACK ROW: John Cusick, Gordon Brown, Jason Strathdee, John McNeil, Willie McCulloch, George Johnston, Neil Ewart, Barrie Moffat, Mark Abercromby; FRONT ROW: Ryan Dignan, David Fisher, Gavin Tinley, Kenny Munro, Philip Gartshore, Grant McPherson


BACK ROW: Graeme Love, Billy Herd, Raymond Logan, Graham Robertson, Damiano Agostini, David Hay, Kevin Donnelly, Stevie Kirk (Manager); FRONT ROW: Darren Wright, Richard Gibb, Kenny Munro, John Cusick, Stuart MacKay, Kieron Grattan


2000-01 Pre-season At Fort William

Thanks to Forest Fifer for supplying the pic


Thanks to Forest Fifer for supplying the pic



Thanks to Forest Fifer for supllying the pic


B:CraigJohnston,RobHodge,ScotBissett,GordDavies,RobCrawford,KyleDammer,JohnFerguson,WillMcLaughlin,Sam Linton,CallumBissett,CraigCondie,GrantMcKay,JamieMcKenzie,EoghainnMitchell,StephFortune,BrendanCusick,ScottGrant/M:A Blyth,Greg Simpson,Craig Lumsden,Graeme Mathie,Greig McDonald,Ross Graham,Scott Findlay,Scott Morrison,H Munn,John Dodds,RobLogie,IanMcDonald,AndyCampbell,John Martin,Craig Johnston,DanFord,IanBarrett/F:StuCargill,ChrisSamson,RobDoig,Jon Mitchell,Gavin Beith,Gary Kelly,Euan Donaldson,Jim Moffatt(M),DeekBrown(Ch),GregShaw(AM),Sean Paliczka,ShaunKing,GraemePort,Paul Hampshire,DerekIreland,GraemeMills,EuanMcleod



INSETS: Paul Walker,Andrew Stobie,Bobby Linn,Craig Wight,Chris Templeman,David Muir,Gary Greenhill,Kevin Davison,Jamie McGowan,John Martin; BACK ROW: Ryan Blackadder, Jason Dair, Stevie Nicholas, Lloyd Young,Dougie Cameron,Stephan Fortune,Graham Guy; MIDDLE ROW: Sam Linton, Craig O'Reilly, Jon Smart, Willie McCulloch, Steven Tweed, Scott Fox, Greig McDonald, Derek Paterson; FRONT ROW: Dave Westwood(C),Kevin Gordon,Paul McManus,Graeme Irons(AM),Dave Baikie(M),Paul Stewart,Kevin Fotheringham,Brian McNeil(Ph)

2007-08 Championship Winners

2008 Champions