Away From The Numbers


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The Dunfermline Cup replay defeat may have put paid to East Fife appearing live on Sky Sports earlier this year, but the mighty Black and Gold managed to put an appearance in on Sky after all.

The Granada Media made series "Football's Worst Awaydays" has been getting a graveyard slot on Sky One mix and East Fife were one of the select few teams to feature, although the series has not turned out quite as what was expected.

When filming took place in February, the programme was aiming to try and explain to non football loving people why football is such a key part to so many people's lives, following their obsessions and madness to follow their team, no matter what the personal or financial cost. That's how it was put to us!

It was the smaller teams in particular that were interesting them and East Fife featured alongside Cambridge and Leicester, amongst others, with our rivalry against Cowdenbeath being the lynchpin of their filming, as they followed long suffering exile Ian Davitt on his travels by plane, train and automobile from Luton to Methil for the Fife derby against the Cowdenites on February 19th 2005.

The filming looked at what makes Ian make such journeys and continue to follow the Fife from afar, whilst also talking to people who knew Ian, looking at the local rivalry between the two teams and speaking to some other Fife and Cowden fans at the game, along with following the Cowden fans on their supporters' bus.

Talking to AFTN after filming, Granada Media said that Ian and East Fife were "exactly what they were looking for for the series" and they enjoyed their visit to Bayview, getting caught up in the excitement of cheering the Fife on to a victory that sadly never happened.

The production team were very complimentary about the time and co-operation shown by Derrick Brown and others at the Club, with Derrick offering access to the crew to film the match and also put cameras in the dressing rooms. The latter wasn't feasible in the end, but Johnny Mitchell's goal was captured and made the programme, but, sadly, some fine singing from the Fife faithful didn't.

It was meant to be some great publicity for both clubs. Publicity that money couldn't buy, both locally and nationally. Instead it proved to be rather a non event in the end .

The series clearly hasn't won over the powers that be at Sky and has been buried in a midnight Sunday evening/Monday morning slot on Sky One mix! The East Fife show being repeated at 2am on a Friday morning! Having watched some of it, no wonder! It isn't exactly quality TV and seems to delight in showing the "nutter" element of being a loyal football fan, with Ian coming across as being very dignified and normal compared to some others!

The show which featured the Fife, cut out all the interviews they did at the game and most of the Cowden fans footage, but did show two of the Cowden fans slagging off Methil (which I have to say did include some funny comments), but was going out of it's way to portray Methil, and Fife as a whole, in a bad light. And they certainly succeeded.

We kind of got wind that things may not have been what they seemed when the production team were very keen to get old copies of AFTNs Cowden Family cartoon strip. Sensing what was going to go on, we politely declined to provide any.

It wasn't all bad though. It was nice to see Mitch's goal on TV and seeing East Fife at all on TV these days is a rarity that should be cherished. No matter what else goes with it! Well done to Ian for taking part anyway.

Never mind. Who knows what's next. The fans of the week on Soccer AM perhaps?!!