Well this game was going to be so great that even the Blues Brothers turned up for the game - pity it wasn't the real ones though! They were from Germany, and making a lot of noise and also making inappropriate gestures.

In the first minute of the game- Queens attacker Tony Quinn, was fouled on the outside of the box - which then lead to Ross Clark taking the challenge of beating keeper John Dodds, in his first game back from injury. And he did it in spectacular fashion 1-0 Queens Park after 57 seconds- Here we go again.

In the 7th minute East Fife had a chance to do the exact same - but Gary Kelly's free kick landed right to keeper Crawford.

There was no action until the 21st minute when Craig Lumsden turned Ally Graham with ease and played a spectacular ball to Fairbairn who crossed the ball to Greig McDonald who headed the ball wide.

5 minutes later and some Stevie Nicholas showed absolute intellect to find Johnny Mitchell who miss hit the ball right past Crawford. 1-1. C'mon the Fife!!

30 minutes gone and John Dodds showed how long he had been out for when he spotted Jim Moffat on the touchline, kicked the ball out and it was a pin point pass - brilliant!

31- goal- a good passing move lead to a shot drilled low in the bottom corner by Bowers - he was going out of his mind!!

Queens Park take advantage of "shite defending" and almost score - a massive sigh of relief from the masses and masses of East Fife fans.

41st minute saw Lumsden injured- which slightly angered the Queens Park fans, booing and hissing - luckily enough he got up and continued the game- god forbid we should win this game- I'm praying for the safety of my hubcaps!!!

Half Time - 2-1 Unfortunately we were saddened by the news that tannoy (which was far too loud) man was retiring, it brought a tear to my eye - fortunately it was with laughter!!

It took five minutes for East Fife's first chance of the second half. It was Stevie Nicholas who showed his skills and tricks and laid off the Bairn who hammered a shot which Crawford just tipped over the bar.

66 minutes gone and poor communication from Mathie and Renwick gave the Spiders a corner which they squandered - luckily enough.

75 minutes gone and by far the best action of the half. Brian "the train" Fairbairn mauls Reilly on the touchline which had the East Fife fans doubled up and the Queens Park fans anger was doubled - even more to the amusement of the mighty EFFC fans.

78 minutes gone - and East Fife gain an indirect free kick, goalkeeper Crawford dwelled on the ball far too long and luckily enough for them it was wasted.

82 minutes gone and by far the best shot of the game and a spectacular volley from the Bairn went narrowly wide of Crawford's post, a massive sigh of relief came from Queens fans.

85 minute gone and shocking skill by Gary Kelly led to Queens players intercepting the ball which just skimmed the post and that was the last action of the game.

The final whistle came and it was another defeat. Third bottom here we come. But still, we can always cheer ourselves up by humping the Cowden next week.

C'mon the Fife.

FINAL SCORE: Queens Park 2 - 1 East Fife

EAST FIFE: Dodds, Renwick, Brash, Lumsden, Mathie, Kelly, Mitchell, McDonald, Nicholas, Beith (Paliczka 76), Fairbairn Subs (not used)- McCafferty, Bain, Byle and Boyle


AFTN 3-2-1:

3-2-1 this week is courtesy of Lee Gillies.

3 points - STEVIE NICHOLAS (good trickery and passing)

2 points - BRIAN FAIRBAIRN (put crosses into the box and was unlucky with some shots)

1 point - CRAIG LUMSDEN (played well, passed well)

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