Well as they say football is a game of two halves, and boy were they right!!

The game saw two former Fife players Brian Blair, the hardman, never missed a header or wimped out of a challenge. ( Yeah right - he is the exact opposite!) and Damiano Agostini.

The first attacking play of the game from East Fife, which was a link up between Brian Fairbairn and Gary Kelly, who did a swift one - two which deceived the defender, and led to Fairbairn crossing and hitting off the defender. Corner to the Fife!

Fairbairn stepped up to the corner which goalkeeper Crawford decided to punch and was then quickly cleared by the Spider's defence.

The 12th minute saw one of the best moves of the game - Nicholas brought the ball down beautifully from a Kelly pass and flicked it out to the right wing for Paliczka, only for no-one to be in the box. This game was starting to heat up, well at least for the first half!

Brian Fairbairn, who had a superb game, got the ball and turned three Queens Park defenders and ran towards the touch line only for the ball to be hit off the Queens Park defender, and the corner was so pathetic I'm not even going to talk about it.

Stevie Nicholas, who also had a excellent game, was used as the Queens Park football, getting kicked left, right and centre. He was fouled in the box on the 18th minute only for referee Stephen Finnie( who was absolutely crap) to do nothing but wave play on, to the dismay of the Fife fans.

The 25th minute saw Nicolas turn two defenders exquisitely only too be fouled yet again, Fairbairn whipped in the free-kick which Mitchell headered over the bar.

The 26th minute saw Nicolas fouled 30 yards out, Fairbairn stepped up to the free kick ( I turned to Vander and said, any money this goes over the bar! How glad am I that I was wrong?!!!!!). He chipped it over the wall right into the bottom corner, and what a free-kick it was. What a goal and 1-0 the Fife!!

It took half an hour for the first booking of the game and it fell to Steven Reilly, who had it coming, although it was the exact same challenge he had done for the penalty offence but this time a free kick was given and Fairbairn got all 3 points, well done Brian.

With 38 minutes gone and poor defending allowed Brian Blair to strike a shot from 25 yards out (Oh my God - he actually hit a shot!) which went narrowly wide of the post.

41st Minute saw a little bit of pressure from Queens Park for the first time in the game. Their Number 3 charged forward only for the tackle of the game by Craig Lumsden who intercepted the ball beautifully.

Two minutes later and Fairbairn ran up the left hand side deceiving Queens defender and crossing over superbly for Greig McDonald to head past goalkeeper, David Crawford, who had no chance. 2-0 to the Fife!

The final minute of the first half saw one of Queens Park's defenders receive a booking for serious foul play on Stevie Nicholas.

Half time summary: East Fife definitely the better side with extremely good passing and excellent movement but the second half was still to come!

The second half saw a completely different East Fife side - instead of keeping the pressure on Queens Park they were content to sit back instead of keeping up the pace of the first half.

The first chance of the second half came when Brian Fairbairn ran through after intercepting the ball on East Fife's box and running to the half way line only to play a terrible ball through on a three on three situation.

On 59 minutes East Fife's Kris Brash fouled Bryan Felvus and gave away a free kick but fortunately nothing came of it.

Felvus had another chance in the 56th Minute with a spectacular chipping volley which went just wide of Morrison's left hand post. Luck again!

The 70th minute saw a great double tackle by Gary Kelly who ran forward ten yards and played a great ball through to Paliczka who cut back the ball on the touchline only for the Keeper to collect with ease. This was followed by Paliczka being substituted with Kevin Steele taking over. The East Fife fans were annoyed by this, branding Steele a "Fucking Donut"!

75 minutes saw Queens Park score - Mark Ferry shot from 25 yards out right into the top left hand corner - what a goal!

Slack East Fife defending again immediately after the goal could have led to an equalizer, with East Fife failing to clear the ball, but Mark Ferry luckily pulled the ball just wide much to the relief of the East Fife fans.

Another attack from Queens Park in the 80th minute came when Bryan Felvus ran up the left hand side and cut into the box, hitting a shot that deflected off Renwick to go out for a corner - more sighs of relief from the Fife fans!

A substitution in the 87th minute saw Nicholas being substituted with Stephen Tarditi. He was no sooner on to the Park when Brash fouled a Queens player and received a booking.

The full time whistle went with cheers from the East Fife fans who were happy to see the team get their first three points away from home this Season.

FINAL SCORE: Queens Park 1 - 2 East Fife

EAST FIFE: Morrison, Renwick, Brash, Lumsden, Bain, Kelly, Paliczka (Steele 70), McDonald, Nicholas (Tarditi 87), Mitchell, Fairbairn Subs (not used)- Trialist keeper, Byle and Gaughan


AFTN 3-2-1:

3-2-1 this week is courtesy of Stewart Paterson.

3 points - BRIAN FAIRBAIRN (an excellent all round performance, with a splendid free kick, great skills and a good cross for the goal)

2 points - STEVIE NICHOLAS (another all round great skillful performance)

1 point - GREIG MCDONALD (covered a lot of ground and put his header away brilliantly)

[Brian Fairbairn's stunning free kick makes it 1-0 Fife]

[Pic courtesy of Tom Aitken]

[Greig McDonald's header makes it 2-0 Fife at half time]

[The 2 Pics courtesy of Robert Robertson]

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