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The East Fife Prediction League was originally the brainwave of 'Ace' who launched it on the forum of the official East Fife website forum at the start of the 2003/2004 season.

The forum on the official website was disbanded towards the end of 2003 and with AFTN being launched onto the unsuspecting worldwide web in December of that year, it only made sense to move the whole shooting match to ourselves and thus the AFTN East Fife Prediction League was born.

Inaugural East Fife Prediction League Winner Paul Galloway With His Two Trophies
Two time trophy winner Paul Galloway
Since it's launch it's been one of the most popular aspects of not only the forum but the whole website and every year it's becoming more keenly contested.

PAUL GALLOWAY was the inaugural winner for the 2003/2004 season and against all odds he repeated his triumph in the 2004/2005 season.

It's been tough going for him since though and he lost his crown to STU THE BLUE in a 2005/2006 season that went right down to the last game of the season with three people in contention. Stu eventually won with 175 points and an 11 point margin over GoF on 164 points and DEEPER IN THE BROWN STUFF picking up the bronze with 153.

But showing how hard it is to repeat, Stu was nowhere the following season and the mantle of East Fife Prediction Champion went to East Fife historian extraordinaire, and former Vancouver Whitecaps Prediction League Champion, JIM CORSTORPHINE.

Jim won the 2006/2007 title with ease in the end, scoring 178 points in the process, with DEEPER IN THE BROWN STUFF coming second on 167 and BAYVIEWBOY and GRANT1903 sharing the bronze medal position on 165 points.

But will Jim hang on to it for this season? It's not looking likely!

The Prediction League is in full flow for the 2007/2008 season. Just pop along to the forum and join in the fun. It's never too late to start taking part.