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Irn Bru's commitment to Scottish Football was increased in the last couple of months when their Phenomenal Footy site launched a "Score With Irn Bru" text to win competition.

The prizes on offer were 70,000 of cash donated to Club's youth development programmes. Every Club would get some money ranging from 1500 to 7000 and the more their fans texted, the more money they could earn their Club.

And we have to say that East Fife fans did themselves and the Club proud. You were all truly phenomenal.

A concerted and structured campaign through AFTN's forum saw the Fife lead the competition for a while before falling behind, only to knock out Raith Rovers with a killer sucker punch on the last day.

Ayr United won the top prize in the Second Division with 7,214 texts and earned themselves 4,500 towards youth development.

East Fife finished second with 5,857 texts, scooping 3,500 to our youth programme and knocking Raith Rovers into third place by 1,357 texts and 2,000.

The Fife actually finished second overall with the number of texts. The infuriating thing about that being that four Clubs, including the big winners of Partick Thistle with 7,000, all got more money than East Fife despite sending in less texts as prizes were divided up divisionally, with the First Division getting more of the overall cash. This can be our only complaint of the competition and something which we hope that Irn Bru will address next year if they decide to run it again.

The last day push was what clinched it and although we all deserve to take a bow for our efforts, top plaudits have to go to Scott Young for orchestrating all of the texting. The poor guy spent a small fortune and must surely have no skin left on his fingers by now!

Let's hope the Club can acknowledge Scott's efforts somehow as he earned them an extra two grand almost all on his own!

Again, well done to all of you. Makes you proud to be a Fifer and confirms once and for all what we all knew already anyway - East Fife fans ARE phenomenal.