The crowds gathered at a blustery Savoy park, also known as Lesser Bayview, to witness the inaugural game of the Bayview Allstars in a match against Airdrie outfit Internatioswally.

No sooner had the game kicked off when they had something to shout about as young starlet Fifer Daz nipped in from the left to drill the opening goal under the belly of the Airdrie goalie. This team had played together all of 2 minutes and they had their opening goal. Had East Fife found a new star in Fifer Daz?……………No……..But it was a well taken goal.

Airdrie responded well however with two goals of their own in the first half, both of which were so memorable I've forgotten them. Although I think one was a screamer from 40 that the keeper should have held but unfortunately he was saving his hands for carrying the sweetie tray at Bayview in the afternoon. 2-1 down and it was time to see what character these boys had.

The Allstars hit back before the break though when a run and shot from Communist Crespo (Igor) was parried by the keeper resulting in a blistering breathtaking finish by Ace from 2 inches. The celebration that followed was really rather embarrassing and best not to mention. 2-2 Half time.

An Inspirational half time team talk by Lonefifer had the boys fired up and no sooner had the game kicked off, they went 3-2 down. A very homosexually struck shot bounced bobbled and blew it's way into the net after taking about three weeks to get there. Jim Moffat at this point had his head in his hands on the sidelines.

From then on it was all East Fife. Four second half goals ensured the 6-3 victory. Two direct from a corner, one penalty and another well worked effort kept up the Bayview Allstars unbeaten record, with Ross, Grant and Lee (twice) getting on the scoresheet. The Airdrie side fell apart and started arguing with each other, unable to even score a goal against substitute keeper Ace. Once the game was won the boys started showboating, topped off by Fat Doug who ran the full length of the pitch to win us a corner and then subsequently died as a result. God rest his soul.

So there it was. First game. First win. First team goal, courtesy of Fifer Daz. And the team's first booking, courtesy of Stud! Explaining to many why he might have that nickname!!

Final score: Bayview Allstars 6-3 Internazioswally

Attendance: 23

MOM: Lee

Man of the Match Lee!

Everybody loves kung fu fighting

So near!

Airdrie take a 3-2 lead

Bastards! It's another Fife goal

Match Photos courtesy of Brian Lawson