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Depending on your predilection in life, chances are that you collected some kind of football cards when you were younger. You possibly still do. Your age may also dictate what kinds of cards you collected: cigarette, bubblegum, tea, comic, panini, trading.

Card collecting dates back to the late Victorian times and the first known cards featuring footballers were produced in 1894.

East Fife FC have featured in numerous collections over the years. The earliest East Fife card that I have found out about so far dates back to 1935, but I am sure that there will have been earlier ones out there.

We hope to capture as complete as possible a collection of East Fife cards in this section of AFTN. Below is what we have so far. If you have any missing info or pics then please send them to us at:



  Ardath Tobacco Company first started to issue cigarette cards in 1914. They didn't issue
  football cigarette cards until twenty years later. In 1936 they ran six series of team line up
  photocards. These were based geographically and Scotland was featured as Series 'C'.
  East Fife were included and were number 72 in the series out of 165.

Eddie McLeod Football Card


  In 1938 DC Thomson
  published a set of 24
  football cards under their
  "Topical Times" banner.
  The set had blank backs.
  One East Fife player was
  featured - Eddie McLeod.

1970's - A&BC:

A&BC Chewing Gum Ltd were formed in 1949. They produced numerous cards, on a variety of subjects, which were given away free in packets of bubble gum. They produced their first set of 36 football cards in 1954, as part of the 120 card "All Sports" series set. Their first standalone football collection was a 92 card one in 1958 and their first Scottish football specific set was produced in 1962.

The company continued to publish a Scottish set each year until 1974 and once East Fife gained promotion to the First Division, our players were featured, with 21 cards of East Fife players being published in the 1971-1973 sets.


  There were 144 cards in the series with four East Fife players   featuring as numbers 15, 65, 92 and 126. All cards had purple   backs and there were two checklists published in the set -   number 57 for cards 1-73 and number 115 for cards 74-144.
  We are missing John Martis (#92) and Joe Hughes (#126).


  There were 179 cards over two series this year, with nine East
  Fife players featuring as numbers 8, 26, 44, 80, 100, 122, 143,
  157, 166. Cards 1-89 had blue backs, cards 90-179 orange.
  We are missing Peter McQuade (#122), Bobby Duncan (#143)
  and Joe Hughes (#157).


  There were 178 cards in the series, with eight East Fife players featuring as
  numbers 7, 15, 43, 51, 79, 87, 123 and 159. All cards had pink backs.
  We are missing Ernie McGarr (#15) and Bobby Duncan (#51).