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The lifeblood of the Club. That's what we fans are! And now we're going to have our very own section of AFTN devoted to us.

So what will you find here? Well not the 'FIFERS ON TOUR' page as that deserves a special section all of it's own, but what you will get is pictures of away trips, social events, fan profiles and anything else we can think of.

In the meantime, click the 'CONTACT US' link on the left and send in your fan pics for all to see.

  AFTN East Fife Prediction League Winners

  AFTN Vancouver Whitecaps Prediction League Winners


  Fife Fans Dress For Success At Stranraer (May 2009)


  Pre Season 2008 - Ireland: Newry City and Loughgall (July 2008)

  Fife Fans Worldwide Celebrate Title Triumph (June 2008)

  Fife Fans Dress For Success At Albion (April 2008)

  EFSC Player Of The Year Dance 2007/2008 Fan Pics (April 2008)

  East Fife Fans Enjoy Their Trophy Girlfriend (April 2008)

  EFSC Player Of The Year Dance 2007/2008 Awards (April 2008)

  Bayview Bar - Championship Winning Party (March 2008)

  Sids Bar - Championship Winning Night (March 2008)

  Firs Park - The Day The Championship Was Won (March 2008)

  Gordon Lounge Prior To Championship Win (March 2008)


  Pre Season 2007 - Trimpell FC and Kendal Town (July 2007)

  A Hampden Breakdown - And That Was Before The Match (May 2007)

  Celebrating Play Off Victory At Stranraer (May 2007)

  Fife Fans Dress For Success At Arbroath (April 2007)

  EFSC Player Of The Year Dance 2006/2007 (April 2007)


  AFTN B.A.S.T.A.R.D.S. In Cup Final Heartache (August 2006)

  Pre Season 2006 - Durham City and Brandon United (July 2006)

  Fife Fans Dress For Success At Montrose (April 2006)

  2005/2006 - A Season Of Protest In Pictures


  East Fife Head For Sky - Via Luton (October 2005)


  Fan Profile #2: Alanna Taylor (December 2004)

  Fan Profile #1: Paul Galloway (May 2004)

  East Fife Supporters' Trust Launch Night (May 2004)


  Pre Season 1996 - Huntly (July 1996)

  EFSC Player Of The Year Dance 1995/1996 (April 1996)

  Promotion Clincher At Clyde (April 1996)

  Pre Season 1995 - Peterlee Tournament (July 1995)

  Pre Season 1994 - Spennymoor and Darlington (July 1994)

  Supporters' Bus Travels (1993)

  East Fife Fans In The 1990's (various 1990s)


  East Fife Fans In The 1980's (various 1980s)


  East Fife Fans In The 1970's (various 1970s)