Away From The Numbers


East Fife Half Time ScoreboardThe Tranny Man - The Wireless VidiprinterFootball RosettesFootball RattlesFootball InflatablesFootball Social Clubs

The ice caps, the rain forests, endangered species. All part of our disappearing world.

As football fans though we’re part of our very own disappearing world. For older fans especially, many of the things we have grown up to associate with a day out at the football either no longer exist anywhere or are close to extinction. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for worse.

As East Fife supporters, spending so many recent seasons in the lower levels of Scottish Football has meant that we’ve seen some of these things disappear at a much slower rate than say fans of teams in the SPL.

In these days of shiny new, all look the same, plastic lego built stadiums by numbers, we’ve been “lucky” to have had visits to Albion Rovers’ Cliftonhill and East Stirling’s old Firs Park. Truly football grounds from a bygone age. Grounds where you can stand on terracing, lean on a crash barrier, go to an actual pie hut and not a concessions stall and, in the case of old Firs Park, use mens toilet facilities that wouldn’t look out of place in a third world country in the 1920‘s.

For the older ones, it’s a blast from the past, for the younger ones we take with us, it’s a chance to show them what their parents and grandparents grew up with as the norm. Things they wouldn’t believe if they didn’t see it with their own eyes and certainly not things you would see in the stadia shown on the Match of the Day or Sportscene, apart from perhaps on FA Cup minnows day. Is that perhaps part of the reason why people find their participation in the competition so romantic?

These were real football grounds and the things that comprised them and were found in them were what helped all of us older ones want to go back to watching our team week in, week out. So as you sit in your characterless plastic seat, reading your glossy programme, let us take you back to look at a couple of these things that are now part of this disappearing world:

                     01 - Half Time Scoreboards

                     02 - The Tranny Man

                     03 - Rosettes

                     04 - The Football Rattle

                     05 - Inflatables