FRI 14TH JULY 2006: A v COWDENBEATH (Pre-season Friendly)

There isn't a lot to report in all honesty, especially in the second half when a stream of substitutes came on.

Played at the Edinburgh Academy grounds, we had the better of a first half in which we played some decent football, but lost two goals, the first of which was a cracker.

Even with all the attacks we mounted we didn't bother their keeper much and it is something we will have to improve upon.

We more than held our own physically, something we haven't done in the last couple of seasons.

In the second half we again more than held our own, but with all the subs there was no real flow to the game.

Fortune hit the post with a header and it was Stephen who played John Martin through wide on the right to run on and beat the keeper with ease for our only goal of the game.

Should have been a draw really. The only players to play the full 90 minutes were Courts(for the second time) and Blackadder.

The game was watched by 20 or so East Fife fans.

FINAL SCORE: Cowdenbeath 2 - 1 East Fife

(Starting line up) - Dodds, Smith, Linton, McGowan, J. Smart, Courts, Blackadder, Jablonski, Ritchie, Crabbe, Mitchell

(Subs used) - I. Ross, D. Ross, Doyle, Martin, Kelly, Gordon, Fortune and David Craig and Fraser Beveridge as trialists

[Report on the game courtesy of Dave Marshall]