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The trophy they all want to win. AFTN's Player of the Year award.

Voted for by the fans on the AFTN forum on a game by game basis, Jonathan Smart took home the trophy for the last two seasons, with Stevie Nicholas taking the honours for the 2004/2005 season (no award being made for 2005/2006 due to the Brown protests).

Every game we award our 3-2-1 points winners (3 for the top player, 2 for second best etc) by throwing it open on the forum for you to rate your top three. The player with the most points at the end of the season will win the trophy.

And this season we have a new name on the trophy!

Well all the votes are now tallied up and it was a close run thing in the end due to the Boaby's loss of form/votes.

Well done to BOBBY LINN though for just hanging on and snatching the trophy off Smarty.

We'll sort out a presentation next season.

The final standings were:

WINNER: BOBBY LINN with 31 points

Paul McManus 29

Chris Templeman 26

Lloyd Young 23

Stevie Crawford 17

Dougie Cameron 16
Willie McCulloch 16
Jonathan Smart 16

Shaun Fagan 11

Paul Stewart 10

Kevin Fotheringham 9
Steven Tweed 9

Dene Shields 7

David Muir 6
Paul Nugent 6

Greig McDonald 5

Lee Makel 4
Jordyn Sheerin 4

Michael Brown 3
Goran Stanic 3

Stuart Cargill 1

Thanks to everyone who voted over the season

AFTN 2004/2005 3-2-1 Winner Stevie Nicholas With His Coveted Trophy
AFTN 2006/2007 3-2-1 Winner Jonathan Smart With His Coveted Trophy

AFTN 2007/2008 3-2-1 Winner Jonathan Smart Retains His Coveted Trophy